Research Forum: Exploring Future Directions for Adaptation Research on the Prairies


Winnipeg, Manitoba

On February 13, 2017, the Prairies Regional Adaptation Collaborative (PRAC) hosted a Research Forum in Winnipeg, Manitoba, as part of its third phase of activity. The forum, Exploring Future Directions for Adaptation Research on the Prairies, brought together representatives from government departments, academia and the non-governmental sector to learn about current research being done around climate change issues on the Prairies. The objective of the Research Forum was to provide an opportunity to gain insights and new knowledge on adaptation needs and options in relation to Prairie agriculture and municipalities.

The half-day forum was structured with opening presentations related to municipalities and agriculture, each of which was followed by a question and answer session. The presentations provided participants with information around upcoming funding opportunities for municipalities in the area of climate change adaptation, as well as research around measuring, forecasting and presenting climate change and agriculture data to key stakeholder groups. The forum concluded with an open discussion of priority research needs to advance adaptation efforts on the Prairies

Workshop Report

Report - Research Forum


Guillaume Couillard, Federation of Canadian Municipalities - Meeting the Climate and Infrastructure Challenge
Virginia Wittrock, Saskatchewan Research Council - Sustainability Indicators for Agriculture and Forest Management: Implications of climate change and extremes
Pascal Badiou, Ducks Unlimited Canada - Ecosystem Goods and Services and Adapting to Climate Change on the Prairies
Ryan Smith and Steve McCullough, Prairie Climate Centre - Prairie Climate Atlas 2: Developing the next generation of climate change visualization in Canada