Prairie Wildfire Risk in a Changing Climate | A PRAC Webinar


This webinar focused on how fire risk on the Prairies is projected to change due to climate change and how different levels of governments are currently working to reduce these risks and protect communities. An overview presentation provided an introduction to wildfire risks in the Prairie provinces and how these risks are projected to change.  Representatives from the Government of Saskatchewan, the Prince Albert Grand Council, and the community of Napatak presented on what they are doing to manage current and future wildfire risk.


Mike Flannigan Professor of Wildland Fire, University of Alberta and Director of the Canada Wildfire
Larry Freemont Prevention Coordinator, Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency
Cliff Buettner Prince Albert Grand Council
Pam Sanderson Community of Napatak Executive Coordinator of Emergency Preparedness, Fire Suppression and FireSmart programs
Shauna Kortz Fire Control Officer, Manitoba Wildfire Service, Government of Manitoba