The Prairies Regional Adaptation Collaborative

The Prairies Regional Adaptation Collaborative (PRAC) works to increase capacity on the Canadian Prairies to prepare for the impacts of climate change. We focus on building relationships, exchanging knowledge and developing skills across the Prairie provinces to strengthen the climate resilience of governments, Indigenous Peoples, the private sector and others.

The PRAC is a cost-shared initiative of Natural Resources Canada and the governments of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) serves as its Secretariat.

The History of the PRAC

The PRAC was launched in 2010 as part of the Regional Adaptation Collaborative Program led by Natural Resources Canada. The goal of the program is to catalyze coordinated and sustained adaptation planning, decision-making and action across Canada’s diverse regions, and to facilitate collaboration of diverse stakeholders at the regional level with local governments and organizations.

The PRAC has implemented its activities in four successive phases.

Phase I (2010–2012)

The PRAC’s initial phase aimed to help decision-makers across the Prairies integrate climate change adaptation considerations into policy, planning and operations. Through a series of projects and forums, the PRAC collaborated with academia, non-governmental organizations and municipalities to better understand climate change vulnerabilities in three areas: water supply and demand; drought and excess moisture management; and forest and grassland ecosystems.

Phase II (2013–2016)

The second phase of the PRAC aimed to advance adaptive capacity within priority sectors, particularly infrastructure, by sharing and applying existing and new knowledge, information and tools. These activities were informed by and connected to Natural Resources Canada’s Adaptation Platform. Formed in 2012, the Adaptation Platform brings together Canada’s institutional, financial and knowledge resources to enable efficient and effective development and widespread uptake of adaptation tools and other products.

Phase III (2016–2017)

In its third phase, the PRAC partners continued to strengthen regional capacity and action with target audiences across the Prairies through activities focused on engagement, dissemination, and the use and uptake of Adaptation Platform products and tools.

Phase IV (2017–2021)

Now in its fourth phase, the PRAC is working to further strengthen regional capacity and action on climate change adaptation through collaborative action and the sharing of knowledge, expertise and lessons learned with the region and elsewhere.