PRAC Webinar: The Value of Natural Infrastructure

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Canada's Changing Climate Report

This report is about how and why Canada’s climate has changed and what changes are projected for the future.

PRAC Case Study: From Flooding to Fire

Read about the Town of Canmore and their Climate Resilience Action Plan

Climate Impacts on the Prairies

Adapting to Climate Change



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Projects will help Nova Scotia prepare for rising sea levels, storms

The province and Ottawa will share $114 million in costs of improving over 64 kilometres of dikes and their aboiteau – sluices under the dikes that allow water out at low tide and close when the tide is coming in.

Adaptation Canada 2020

The call for abstracts for Adaptation Canada 2020 opens March 19, 2019. Abstracts must be submitted no later than May 21, 2019 (5:00 pm PST).

Kingston city council declares a ‘climate emergency'

The Globe and Mail: An eastern Ontario city has become the latest Canadian municipality to declare climate change as an emergency in need of local government attention.