PRAC Regional Workshop: Moving to Climate Resilience

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Partners in Climate Action:

Learn how Beardy’s and Okemasis’ Cree Nation is addressing flood-related risks through knowledge sharing and collaboration

FCM workshops: Climate change & asset management

Learn how to integrate climate considerations into your asset management practices

Climate Impacts on the Prairies

Adapting to Climate Change



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British Colombia's Preliminary Strategic Climate Risk Assessment

British Colombia Preliminary Strategic Climate Risk Assessment  is the first phase of an initiative to better understand climate-related risks in B.C. and help government develop appropriate measures to address those risks.

Selkirk prepares for climate change so next generations aren't 'in a panic'

“Selkirk has experienced extreme rain and wind events before and with the prospect of more flooding from the Red River on the horizon, Nicol said the city is trying to plan its way out of a disaster before it hits.”

Canada Invests in Climate Change Adaptation in the Prairies

Canadians want to be ready to tackle the challenges of a changing climate in order to build a better future. This is why the government is investing in adaptation, while creating good jobs and growing the economy.